Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A New Cure for Feeling Poorly...

Hello Everyone, 

It has been a busy busy month as I started back to university and had to get used to my new timetable. I'm still struggling to remember the times I have to be in there, but I at least always think I'm meant to be at lectures an hour early than I actually need to be. No late awkwardness! In the last couple of days I think starting back as caught up with me and I have come down with a cold, all headaches and icky stomach aches. Some of the headaches might be due to my new glasses, but most of it is because I am ill. So tonight, after a longish day and feeling rather unwell I decided to have a bit of a break and do some crafting.
I started by taking this months image from 'From the Heart Stamps' (shop), which I printed out a week ago to work on and havent had a chance to yet, and set about making myself a card with it. Just recently I've been really struggling to get creative with my cards and crafting in general, so I decided today I would have a little more of an effort. Here is the card I ended up with...

This isn't the best photograph of the card, bit its the best I could do with my lighting. I do like the background compared to some of my previous photos, so I may use the floor in front of my bedroom door from now on. Anyway, as I said I wanted to make more of an effort with this card and so I took a paper pack and used a couple of patterns to create a background for the images. I also cut the whole image into three separate images so that the backing paper could be seen between the images. I like the way this card has come out, especially the colouring. :) I'm planning on doing some more crafting tonight while I'm in the mood. :) It might help ease my headache too, but we'll see. 

List of products used to make this card: 
Wilkinson's Crayons, 
Wild Rose Studio: Milton &Co Decoupage card kit, 
Make & Create 5'x5' craft coloured card, 
Harvest Medley Digital Stamp from From the Heart Stamps.

So I hope you like this card, I'm going to enter it into the 'From the Heart October Stamp of the Month' challenge.

Thank you if you made it to the bottom of this post. Take care. 
Sara xx