Friday, 31 May 2013

Frogs, Corsets and Birthday Cakes

Hey Everyone. :)

I've got a few cards for you. These are cards that I made a while back but never got a chance to put up on my blog. I decided I'd pop them up because I ran out of adhesive...which means the mini album I was making has had to be put on hold... Damn. :( 

Anyway, here we are. Three cards for you. :)

Card One:

This card was made using: 

  •  Make & Create 5’x7’ White Card
  •   Make & Create Green Pearlescent Card
  •   Country Companions – Sunshine Meadows Stamp set
  • cArt-us Oval dies
  • Promarkers- Berry Red, Honeycomb, Pear Green, Dusky Rose, Cornflower

Card Two:

This card was made using: 
  • Make & Create 5’x7’ White Card
  •   Birthday Bash image – The Stamping Chef  Digital Stamp
  • Woodware, Kid’s Birthday Stamp Set
  • Black fineline drawing pen
  • Promarkers – Pear Green, China Blue, Honeycomb, Ducky Rose, Mustard, Sandstone, Amethyst

Card Three:

This card was made using:
  • Make and Create 4’x6’ Cream card
  • Woodware – Kid’s Birthday stamp set
  • cArt-us So Sweet Gertie and Kim stamp set
  • Springtime Papers – Freebie from Papercraft Inspirations Issue 111
  • Boofle 6x6 Paper Pack

I know there are fewer images for each card this time, but my camera is 'dead' and so I can't upload the detail images. 

When I have my first mini album all done, I'll upload some photos of that. I'm really excited about it actually. :) 

Hope you are all having a lovely Friday. Enjoy the weekend and I will talk to you soon. 

Sara xxx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Finally Free!...Maybe not... :P

Long time no 'see'. 

I've been a busy bee, revising away, taking exams and the like. I have finally finished today, at 12pm, which was fantastic. I am now a lot lighter, but still very tired. :) Now I can officially call it Summer....although it has rained buckets here nearly all morning. :/ 

Anyway, I am now in my Summer and looking forward to the things I have planned and the free time I will have. I have made a decision to do most of the work for my Independent Study over the Summer, and I have my Forensic Psychology Diploma to get going on...but I also want to spend some time card making....and scrapbooking . :P

Yes I found another hobby, I'm just full of creativity me...I have to find lots of ways to let it flow out. lol. :) I was looking at card makers on Youtube and came across, 'Shimelle Laine' on the Two Peas in a Bucket channel. She does lots of videos on scrapbooking layouts and the like, which are so cute. :) I also re-found lots of videos on how to make scrapbook albums, so I spent my down time during revision looking at those and decided to start myself a little scrapbook about me and my family, favorites, boyfriend etc...I also want to do a December Daily album, but we'll see about that. lol.

Last night after I'd finished revising for my last exam, I spent some time relaxing and looking for freebie pages to create my diary for next year at Uni. Well I came across a freebie worksheet website, that is actually for primary school children really...but I really liked a lot of the worksheets. So...I made a journal. A very basic journal, just the worksheets, a inside page (Simple Stories Freebie) and a cardboard back and front cover; all hole punched and tied together with ribbon.  Here's my journal - I'm going to decorate it eventually. 


And here's an image of one of the worksheets. 
I really love the idea of these worksheets, the basic premise being to get kids to use their imagination to create a story from the picture. There are prompt words too, which is just so sweet. 
So as my first ever handmade journal, I'm going to create a story every day for 25 pictures. I've started today, and my first one is about Grandpa Tree and Little Tree watching the Kites.  :)

I don't plan on uploading each story, but if you'd like to see an update at some point...or every story....please tell me and I will try and do that for you. 

I'd love to hear what you all think about it. :) I will be putting up a post or two on some cards soon, and I have Fathers Day cards to make in the coming weeks. Lots to keep me busy during what looks to be a cold Summer ahead. Hopefully we'll get some more sunny days, when I'm actually able to go out and enjoy them. 
 Maybe my week away in Albir will be all the sun I manage to get this Summer. lol. 

Take care. :)
Sara xxx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Geekie Girl! :P

Hey Everyone! 

Hope you are all well. I'm not sure when I last posted up (and I'm feeling too lazy to go and find out when I did :/), but it feels like a long time so I thought I would do so. :) I have a card I want to show you all. I spent my Sunday morning having a bit of a crafting session. I did this mainly because I had requested a freebie image from The Stamping Chef, and if I don't get a card put into the folder before Monday morning I won't be able to request the image for next week. :( Freebies are always a bonus, so I like to try and make sure I can get them when possible. So as I needed a card for the TSC challenge, I made this card....

 This card was made using:

  • Papermania '5x'7 White Card
  • Purple Cardstock - Unknown Brand
  • Make and Create Ribbon
  • Printed Sentiments - MS Reference Sans Serif - Size 20
  • The Stamping Chef Freebie Image - Keep Calm and Be Geekie
  • Promarkers - Amethyst, Lavender, Berry Red, Sandstone, Pear Green, Honeycomb, China Blue, Black (fineliner)

I love this image so so much, because minus the piercings this is me all over. :P I loved colouring her in, it was very theraputic actually, and I really want to give her a try in different colours when I get a chance. 

This card has been put in the 'The Stamping Chef Facebook Challenge'. which ends tomorrow (Monday 20th May). Fingers crossed this time. I'm so proud of her. :)

Here is a look at the inside of the card. I've never using computer printed sentiments before, but I like how its come out. I prefer using stamps though, but as my stamp collection is still very small I will have to make do sometimes. :)

This wasn't the only card I made today, but as the other one was made with a recipient in mind I won't put that one up until it has been recieved. 

Thank you for popping by. I'll talk to you again soon. 

Sara xx

Monday, 13 May 2013

For You Mouse (So Cute) :)

Good Morning,

I was checking my emails this morning and found that I had an update email from Made by Mandy. In this email was a post which had such a cute little image on it that I had to look further. The image is called For You Mouse and comes from the Delightful Inspiration {from the heart} blog page. This challenge is amazing, because if you started right back in September with them you get a free image every month if you use the image from the month before. Because I didn't start back in September, it just meant that I had to purchase the image from the shop (all the links are on the challenge page). I brought this cute image as I think he's adorable, however, because I'm so busy at the moment the card I made with him is very simple. As you can see:

This card was made using:

Make and Create 4' x 6' Cream Card 
Make and Create Pretty Pinks Paperstack 6x6
For You Mouse - From the Heart Digital Art Stamps
ColourPro Pencils - Dark Pink, Pink, Orange, Brown and Green

Here's a closer look at the little fella. Well I say fella, could be a little girl to if you wanted. :) I'm going to leave this card without a sentiment for now as I don't have one I'd like to use and want to make sure it just right. 

Looking forward to seeing what the freebie for next month is now. 

I will be entering this into the Delightful Inspiration {from the heart} May Free Stamp of the Month Challenge.

Thank you for having a look. 
Sara xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Family Cards

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are all well. All is go here, I have a mock interview on Monday to finish an Award I am taking at the moment and then on Wednesday I'm picking up a certificate to show how many hours I have volunteered this year. Thursday sees me taking my first exam, which I am alright with for the moment, and Friday sees me taking part in a new Young Potential project. :) So as I said all's go. 

Thought I'd show you these, I made these cards about a week ago but wanted to wait to put them up until they had arrived with my family. The first card is for my Mum and Dad, I got inspiration from Papercraft Inspiration Issue 111. 

This card was made using:
  • Make & Create 4’x6’ Cream Card
  • Make & Create Pretty Prinks Paperstack 6x6
  • Teacup Template Freebie, Papercraft Inspirations Issue 111
  • Button from Vida la Vintage
  • Sentiment (Hand Written) – Papercraft Inspirations Issue 111
  • Promarkers – Lavendar and Amythest

I liked this design so much that I thought I'd give it a go. A little different to the original which can be found in Papercraft Inspiration Issue 111. 

I just thought it might 'cheer' my parents up as its a hard time for them at the moment. 

The second card that I made was for my Sister, to do the same really. She's really busy with college at the moment and I haven't had a chance to speak to her, so I thought I'd send her a card to say I thinking of her. 

Here's the card I sent my Sister:


This card was made using:
  • Make & Create 4’x6’ Cream Card
  •  Make & Create Pretty Pinks Paperstack 6x6
  • Anne Stillwell’s Cuddlebug Cutie – Sweet Sarah
  • Promarkers – honeycomb, lime zest, pear green, sandstone, dusky rose
  • cArtus Oval die

I love this image from Cuddlebug cuties, I enjoy colouring them in because they always have such amazing clothes on. :)

I know that these cards have arrive now, and were appreciated. :) 

I'll be back on soon to put up a couple more cards I made not long back and haven't had a chance to bombard you with yet. 

Take care for now. 

Sara xx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lovely Walk :)

Good Evening Everyone, 

Today I had a lovely day. I started my morning with a nice walk along my long road, up and round past the city hospital before making my way back down through the park on my road. It was such nice weather, and I enjoyed the walk very much. So invigorating. :) (big word to say it woke me up. lol) I took a couple of photos as I came through the park and thought I'd let you have a look. 

 It was so sunny and warm this morning. The park was beautiful.

The image below is of a squirrel that I saw pottering about by a tree. He was completely oblivious to me and kept pottering about picking up bits from the grass. So sweet. There are lots of squirrels in the park and I love watching them, the way they bounce over the ground as they move from spot to spot. :) Makes me happy to live near such a nice place. :) And its not even the countryside. lol.

Well there we go. Just thought I'd share my morning walk with you. I didn't think to take photos on all the way round, otherwise you would have seen more. Maybe next time. :) I'll say good night. 

Take care. See you all soon. 
Sara xx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Go Fetch with a Sketchy Feeling :)

Hello Again Everyone, 

Well today was meant to be spent revising, however, I found myself unable to concentrate this morning so I decided to take a break and so ended up making a couple of cards. The card I'm going to post now was made for a couple of challenges. 

Here's the card:

This card was made using: 

  •  Make & Create 5’x7’ White Card
  • Paper Cellar Ltd, 6x6 paper pad, Man 2
  • ‘Go Fetch’ image –The Stamping Chef
  • Promarkers – Lavendar, Berry Red, Forest Green, Sandstone, China Blue, Honeycomb, Mustard, Cornflower, Dusky Rose
  • Promarker – Black fineline drawing pen
  •  Procolour Pencils – Brown, Dark Pink, Orange and Blue
  • cArt-us Oval die
  • Corner rounder (not sure of brand)
I love this little fella so so much. I couldn't wait to colour him in and put him on a card. I had no idea what sort of design I was going to use, so I had a look around through the challenge blogs I have on my blog reading list. 

I want to enter this card into Feeling Sketchy Challenge #58 and it has also been put up on The Stamping Chef facebook page.

Hopefully I will now be able to concentrate a little bit more on my revision. We will see. :) 

I'll take to you again soon.
Sara xx

Onion plays Footie! :P

Morning Everyone,

I spent my Sunday afternoon making cards, (not a nap and not reading lol). When I'd done I found that one of my cards fits really well with one of the challenges blogs I keep an eye on from time to time. So here's my card:

This card was made using:

  • Make and Create 4’x6’ Cream Card
  • cArt-us Oval die
  • Daisy and Dandelion clear stamp set – Onion plays FOOTIE! 
  •  Promarkers – Berry Red, Forest Green, Cornflower, Lavendar,
  • Black fineline drawing pen.

I have a plan for who this card will be going too, so it will be sat in my card box for a little while. :) I love Onion the Elephant, I think he's so cute. :)

I want to put this card in the Penny's Paper-Crafty Challenge 125, which is Animals.

I'm really glad I found Onion, he's so cute and the sentiments that come with him are fantastic. :) I hope you all like him too. 

Please feel free to comment. I love reading them all. :P

Bye for now.
Sara xx