Friday, 3 May 2013

Get Well Soon and A Good Day! :)

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are all well. It has been  a few days since I have posted and that is because I have been a busy girl attending Poster Conferences at Uni and having meetings with Lecturers about Dissertation Opportunities. 

For my post today I'm going to show you the card I have made for my Grandad, who is currently unwell. Here it is:

 This card was made using:

  • Make & Create 5'x7' White Card
  • Bird Image and Get Well Soon sentiment from Birdscards .
  • ColourPro Pencils, Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue. 
  • Paper Cellar Ltd, 6x6 Patterned Papers - Men 2.
I used the freebie image from Birdscards was the bird, because my Grandad loves birds and it seemed appropriate. I always struggle when it comes to working out what images to use for men and so I was happy when I finally found this lovely image that would work. 

The patterned paper also fit very well as it gives a natural feel, like grass and mud, which fits in well with the bird image.

 I liked the way this off centre positioning worked. I struggled to make this card fit together as I usually like to do 'perfectly' centered images (which I never manage lol). I really like this card and have sent it off to him. I hope he likes it too. :)

Right now for my Good day news. :P This morning was a very tense and anxious one, as I woke up at 6.30am and found myself unable to go back to sleep. I had to wait until dead on 9 am to get onto the University website, so I could try to get the supervisor that I wanted for my dissertation. I was so so worried that I would be the last person to click on him and I wouldn't manage to get him. So when at 9am I finally clicked on his name and got a 'SUCCESS' message, I couldn't believe it. I didn't believe it so much that I had to email the lecturer in charge to confirm. I got an email from my supervisor himself and I am so so happy that I got him. It means I will be able to do the topic that I want to do for my dissertation now. :P 
On a side note, I picked up my last report for this year today and got myself a '65'...there's that 2:1 I've been struggling to obtain all year. :P Yay! It's been a fantastic day so far and I'm now begining to feel tired because I've used up so much energy with worrying. lol. I've spent a couple of hours relaxing, made another card...which I will post up at a later date, and now I'm going to try and do some more revision .

Oh and I also got onto a mentoring program with the charity I have been volunteering with since December. :P This has been a fantastic day. lol. :P Sorry for the large amount of text. I'll leave it there for now. 

Take care. Talk to you all soon. 
Sara xx :P


  1. Found your blog by following the sunday link party at cuddlebug cuties!
    I love your cards, they are marvellous!


    1. Hello Tieva. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. :) x Hope you are having a good sunday. :)
      Sara x