Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Finally Free!...Maybe not... :P

Long time no 'see'. 

I've been a busy bee, revising away, taking exams and the like. I have finally finished today, at 12pm, which was fantastic. I am now a lot lighter, but still very tired. :) Now I can officially call it Summer....although it has rained buckets here nearly all morning. :/ 

Anyway, I am now in my Summer and looking forward to the things I have planned and the free time I will have. I have made a decision to do most of the work for my Independent Study over the Summer, and I have my Forensic Psychology Diploma to get going on...but I also want to spend some time card making....and scrapbooking . :P

Yes I found another hobby, I'm just full of creativity me...I have to find lots of ways to let it flow out. lol. :) I was looking at card makers on Youtube and came across, 'Shimelle Laine' on the Two Peas in a Bucket channel. She does lots of videos on scrapbooking layouts and the like, which are so cute. :) I also re-found lots of videos on how to make scrapbook albums, so I spent my down time during revision looking at those and decided to start myself a little scrapbook about me and my family, favorites, boyfriend etc...I also want to do a December Daily album, but we'll see about that. lol.

Last night after I'd finished revising for my last exam, I spent some time relaxing and looking for freebie pages to create my diary for next year at Uni. Well I came across a freebie worksheet website, that is actually for primary school children really...but I really liked a lot of the worksheets. So...I made a journal. A very basic journal, just the worksheets, a inside page (Simple Stories Freebie) and a cardboard back and front cover; all hole punched and tied together with ribbon.  Here's my journal - I'm going to decorate it eventually. 


And here's an image of one of the worksheets. 
I really love the idea of these worksheets, the basic premise being to get kids to use their imagination to create a story from the picture. There are prompt words too, which is just so sweet. 
So as my first ever handmade journal, I'm going to create a story every day for 25 pictures. I've started today, and my first one is about Grandpa Tree and Little Tree watching the Kites.  :)

I don't plan on uploading each story, but if you'd like to see an update at some point...or every story....please tell me and I will try and do that for you. 

I'd love to hear what you all think about it. :) I will be putting up a post or two on some cards soon, and I have Fathers Day cards to make in the coming weeks. Lots to keep me busy during what looks to be a cold Summer ahead. Hopefully we'll get some more sunny days, when I'm actually able to go out and enjoy them. 
 Maybe my week away in Albir will be all the sun I manage to get this Summer. lol. 

Take care. :)
Sara xxx

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