Sunday, 12 May 2013

Family Cards

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you are all well. All is go here, I have a mock interview on Monday to finish an Award I am taking at the moment and then on Wednesday I'm picking up a certificate to show how many hours I have volunteered this year. Thursday sees me taking my first exam, which I am alright with for the moment, and Friday sees me taking part in a new Young Potential project. :) So as I said all's go. 

Thought I'd show you these, I made these cards about a week ago but wanted to wait to put them up until they had arrived with my family. The first card is for my Mum and Dad, I got inspiration from Papercraft Inspiration Issue 111. 

This card was made using:
  • Make & Create 4’x6’ Cream Card
  • Make & Create Pretty Prinks Paperstack 6x6
  • Teacup Template Freebie, Papercraft Inspirations Issue 111
  • Button from Vida la Vintage
  • Sentiment (Hand Written) – Papercraft Inspirations Issue 111
  • Promarkers – Lavendar and Amythest

I liked this design so much that I thought I'd give it a go. A little different to the original which can be found in Papercraft Inspiration Issue 111. 

I just thought it might 'cheer' my parents up as its a hard time for them at the moment. 

The second card that I made was for my Sister, to do the same really. She's really busy with college at the moment and I haven't had a chance to speak to her, so I thought I'd send her a card to say I thinking of her. 

Here's the card I sent my Sister:


This card was made using:
  • Make & Create 4’x6’ Cream Card
  •  Make & Create Pretty Pinks Paperstack 6x6
  • Anne Stillwell’s Cuddlebug Cutie – Sweet Sarah
  • Promarkers – honeycomb, lime zest, pear green, sandstone, dusky rose
  • cArtus Oval die

I love this image from Cuddlebug cuties, I enjoy colouring them in because they always have such amazing clothes on. :)

I know that these cards have arrive now, and were appreciated. :) 

I'll be back on soon to put up a couple more cards I made not long back and haven't had a chance to bombard you with yet. 

Take care for now. 

Sara xx

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