Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Belated Birthday Card and 'Birthday Bash' Image

Hello Again Everyone. 

Sorry about the quick rushed post earlier. I was focusing on the fact that I should have been revising for my Investigating the Individual exam and getting ready to go into Uni for a meeting, and yet I was still procrastinating by feeling the need to add a post. :/ I am an enigma at times. lol. 

Anyway, I got almost all of the chapter I wanted to revise done and as its getting late here I thought I would stop and give myself a break before I go to bed. I had a great meeting about my dissertation for next year and so I let myself have an hour this afternoon to make my friend a belated birthday card. Her birthday is today, but she won't be receiving the card until after as I have to post it....so I made the decision to make it a belated birthday card.

Here's the card:

This card was made using:

  • Make & Create 5' x7' White Card x 2 (because I had to cut one up when I stuck it all on backwards)
  • Woodware 'Kids Birthday' Stamp set - Happy and Birthday Sentiment
  • Craft Creations Gold Label Peel-Off Stickers - Belated Sentiment
  • The Green Flower was from an old tissue box I had that I like the design and colour of. 
  • The Stamping Chef Facebook Freebie - 'Birthday Bash' - Party image in centre

Okay so there's my card. I haven't added a closer up image of this one as it was in the previous post. I also found time today to write my Thank you notes and now I just need some addresses to send them to. That's going to require a phone call to my Mum, I'm not that organised just yet. :P

Well I hope you like and while I'm here, there's another photo I want you to see. When I printed the Birthday Bash image the first time it didn't print too well, but I decided to colour it in anyway. I think it came out okay but you might be able to see where the black ink is actually yellow or red...and some of it looks 3D effect. Its strange, but I like the colours. My first set of promarkers has some odd colours in  it but now I've used them I think they look amazing. 

The Second Image:

Okay I'm going to say goodnight, I want to get up early to revise some more...how early may change when my alarm goes off and I struggle to get out of bed. But I will endeavor to make it out of bed and get on. I usually don't take too long after the alarm. lol. (I'll stop waffling :P)

Goodnight to everyone in my time zone. Have a good day to everyone else. :)
Bye for now. 
Sara xx

Quick Update April

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well. Just a little post to show you the Thank you notes I made to send to all the people that gave me cards and gifts for my birthday.

 This note was made using:

  • Make & Create 4'x6' Cream Card
  • Make & Create Pearlescent Purple Card
  • Papermania Art Deco stamp set (Freebie from docraft Creativity magazine Issue 36)
Not my best photograph, but I'm a busy girl so this is just a quick update. Sorry about that.

Also while I'm here, the image below is from The Stamping Chef and it is this weeks freebie from their facebook page. I really like this image and its the first time I've used my promarkers so I think it came out reasonably well. I'm going to hopefully put this on a card as soon as I can, as if you request the freebie you have to use it and put up a photo in the folder on the fb page. 

Birthday Bash
I'll post up again when I have a card for  you all. 
Thank you for reading. 

Bye for now. 

Sara xx

Thursday, 25 April 2013

I went Card Crazy on Tuesday! :P

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well. :)

Its been a long few days. I had a fantastic day on Tuesday, as you all know I spent a large portion of my day making cards and posted some of them up here. I then spent a few more hours making three more cards and then spent the rest of my afternoon and evening with my boyfriend. The restaurant we we went to was really nice, the food was amazing and the house wine was even better. lol. I don't think I've been that merry in a long time. :P Ooops. Well I had a good time, we spent our evening playing card games and watch Black Books. So much fun .

Last night my best friend and her husband invited my boyfriend and I round for a meal, as my birthday present. It was delicious and I got to play with their six week old little girl too which was fun. :) I  love kids, but I'm very happy I can hand them back for the moment. :) So its been a long few days and I have eaten so much food I could burst. Going to have to be careful from here on in with my 'diet'. :/ 

Anyway, I'll let you see the three other cards that I made up on Tuesday. Here's card number one. 

This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Springtime Collection Papers (Papercraft Inspiration Freebie Issue 111
  • Banner Paper is from an Unbranded Assortment in my stash
  • Brads - Unknown Brand - Green, Pink, Blue 
  •  Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment 
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Brown, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow 
  • Flatfriends Digital Stamps (Freebies) - Be My Valentine. 
  • cArtus Die - These ones are not named and I'm not sure how to describe the shape. 

    Here's an up closer photo of the girl. I really liked her and even though she's a valentine's day image I thought it worked really well for a birthday card too. :) 

    This was coloured with colourpro pencils, but hopefully next time I will be able to use my promarkers, as I now have a set that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. 

    I used the same die for the matting of the image and for the sentiment strips. I really like this shape, even though I don't know what its called. :/

I saw some use brads like this before and I am looking for find some more colours to keep experimenting with the different ways I can use them. I like the effect. :)

Okay and here's the second card:

 This card was made using:
  •  Make & Create 4"x6" Cream Premade card
  • Springtime Collection Papers (Papercraft Inspiration Freebie Issue 111
  • Matting for oval is half off a 5"x7" Papermania white premade card.
  •  Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment 
  • Marianne, Createables - LR0140 - Charleston Lady
  • cArtus Die - Oval and that shape I don't know again. :/

Now as you can see where I have adhered the oval down it has, over the last few days, creased up and left a bubble of sorts. I'm not sure why this has happened as it was flat to the card when I first adhered it and it has not been near any heating. It has been warm here just lately though, so maybe its due to that?

 I decided to try a sentiment that was a bit different. So I used the special word from the set and then inked up the day part of 'birthday' and after a couple of attempts managed to create 'It's your special day' as my sentiment.

And finally my third card.

 This card was made using:
  •  Make & Create "4x "6 Cream Card Blank
  • Springtime Collection Papers (Papercraft Inspiration Freebie Issue 111
  • Boofle Stamp Duo set - Couldn't see a specific name, but I think Duo is the name of a couple of stamp sets. 
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Brown, Yellow and Pink
  • cArtus Die - Oval - Largest and Smallest. 
This card came to mind as I was finishing the previous card and noticed that the oval shapes could be placed to create a paw shape. I have this Boofle set that I got for free when I subscribed to PaperCraft Inspirations Magazine. :) I really like this card and left it without a sentiment because I think it can be used for a wide range of different occasions that way.

Okay so that is what I have for you so far. I will be posting up another card over the weekend as I have some Thank you cards to make, need to send some out to those that sent me presents and cards. :) I'm looking forward to the mass production that will involve. :P 

Have a good day tomorrow (it's 22.30pm here). 
Bye for now. :)
Sara xx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Christmas Cards in April

These will be the final two cards I put up for today, even if I make more. :P

The first one is a card that I got the idea from after making my card for The Cutie Pie Challenge - Clean and Simple Challenge.

Here is the first card.
 This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Little Musings - Merry Christmas Set 
  • Artbox Fibre Pens - Red, Green, Brown  

I'm obviously really liking the clean and simple look today. I was going to use my colourpro pencils to colour her in, but found that there isn't a red in that set. I was really happy when I found this fibre pens in the top draw of my desk. :P


 Here's an up close photo of the sentiment. I like the text style on this set. I'm going to look into making some more Christmas cards that are a little more embellished soon. 

And here's my second Christmas card of the day. 

This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Little Musings - Merry Christmas Set 
  • Artbox Fibre Pens - Red, Green, Brown
  • 3D Adhesive Foam pads

I like the fact that this stocking is not your average image. It looks like an actual sock and not a manufactured stocking. It's so sweet. 

As you can see, I'm not great at colouring in as of yet and the fibre pens are something I've not coloured with since I was about seven years old. lol. I think it came out alright though. 

Have to remember that fibre pens (or felt pens as I used to call them) get their ink everywhere. So when I was cutting this out, I ended up with ink all over my fingers. It was worth it though, because I like the dimension that the foam pads add. :P

 So that's it for today. I feel like I've just throw lots of images at you and I hope you don't over load on information. :/ 

I'm going to go and find some lunch I think. Spent a long morning card making and I'm getting hungry. :) 

Hope you all have a good day. 
Take Care. 

Sara xx

My Birthday - Second Post - Challenge Card :)

Hello Again. :)

This next card has been made specifically for the challenge blog, The Cutie Pie Challenge Blog - Clean and Simple Challenge.

 This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Make & Create Pearlescent Card - Yellow
  • The Flowery Card used for the image is from a tissue box that I had cut up.
  • Marianne Designs - Creatables - Die LR0140
  • Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment

 I like this card a lot and think I may make some more the same in different colours. I am also thinking of getting myself another Creatables die that is similar to this one but has a more flamboyant hat. I don't know why but I really like the silhouette style of the cameo image. :P

Okay so that is the second card I made today. I will be posting up the last two in the same post as I do not want to add them into a challenge. Even if they might be suitable for one. :) I want to get going on some more cards. :) Such a lovely day outside and I feel really good. Wouldn't be able to tell I got a year older. lol. 

Take Care.

Sara xx

It's My Birthday! So lets make some Cards! :P

Good Morning! :P

Its my Birthday! and I have been a busy little bee this morning. I have four new cards to show you, which will be shown in a few different posts. I love this new hobby. It's so relaxing and I do it without thinking too much about it. It's bliss. 

So here's my first card of the day.

 This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Springtime Collection Papers (Papercraft Inspiration Freebie Issue 111)
  • Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Brown, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Cuddlebug Cuties, Anna Stillwell's - Kendall Image

This is such a simple card and yet I am very proud of how happy it came out. I used a corner punch to round the corners and love this style very much. 

I am hoping to put this into two challenges: 

I will post up the next card in another post after I have linked this one to the challenge blogs. I hope you all like these. I have plans to make some more today. While I'm having the day off for my Birthday I'm going to enjoy my newest hobby. :)

Take Care. 

Sara xx

Monday, 22 April 2013

Good Evening, :)

I have another card for you all. I've been wandering my way through the blog-verse and have found a number of very beautiful blogs show casing some amazingly talented people. Amongst those blogs I have come across a number of challenge blogs (there are thousands. lol), and I find myself wanting to try and enter as many of the challenges as possible. 

The current card I am going to show you links to the Sweet Sketch Wednesday Blog, Challenge #201. But unfortunately I didn't manage to get the card finished in time, which was a real shame. I still have a lovely card to show you all. :) So here it is. 

 This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5 x "7 White Card Blank.
  •  Make & Create Craft Paper Pad - Spice.
  •  Bleed Proof Paper - White Paper used to Stamp the image onto. Not Branded.
  • Make & Create - Embellishment Ribbon.
  • Brads - Pink and Red. Not Branded.
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Brown, Dark Pink, Orange.
  • Little Gorjuss Clear Stamps, The Collector.

Here is a closer look at her. You can't really tell from the photo but she has dark pink and orange socks and a orange dress. Her hair has been shaded brown. All of the colouring is very light as I have not yet worked out how to make the colourpro pencils to produce a darker effect. I can't wait to get my promarkers, then I will be able to have another go with her and hopefully produce a better image. :)
I do like her though...even if she is a bit wonky. 
It's a wonky card all round. lol. :P
Oh she's up on foam pads too, so 3D. :P

I love this ribbon. I really like the leaf image and the repetition. I think I might try and use it in a Christmas card next as I think it would look really good for that type of card. 

I'm still practicing and so far nothing looks quite as good as the first two cards I made in the Cloud Nine workshop. I'm sure with practice I will get there. Its all good fun while I learn. :P

Well tomorrow is my Birthday! :P So I plan on spending a large proportion of my day making cards and the other with my Boyfriend. He may have to endure my card making while he's here, we'll see how far I've got when he arrives. :P I'm looking forward to our meal out, finally going to go and check out a 'new' restaurant we've wanted to try since it opened a few months ago. I'm so excited about it. Going to enjoy tomorrow very very much. Another year and all that... :) 

I might pop up a card or two tomorrow. Especially if I put them into a challenge or two. :P Anyway, I'll say bye for now. Take care of yourselves. :) 

Sara xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Meeting New People

Hello Everyone, 

I'm going to give this another try today. I am linking up to Cuddlebug Cutie's Sunday Linky Party to see who I can meet through their blog. The last time I did this I  found some really good blogs and some really nice people. :)

So hello to anyone who hops my way. Please leave a comment and I will make sure I come and hop back if I have not already done so. :) 

See you all soon. :)
Sara xx

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Card for My Sisters Friend

Hey Again, 

I spoke about this card in my post about Northampton. So I will post it up so you can all so. 

Horribly blurry photo, sorry. xx :/
 This card was made using:
  • DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank

  • Make & Create Pearle-scent Card, Cream
  • Springtime Collection Papers (Papercraft Inspiration Freebie Issue 111)
  • Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment
  • Boofle, Urban Duo Stamp - Image inside the card
  • Little Gorjuss Clear Stamps, The Collector - Heart Images
  • Bling Bling Pearls Craft for Occasions
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Blue, Green, Dark Pink
  • Stick It - 3D Foam Adhesive
  • cArtus Oval Die

I really like this card and I hope that Emma's friend does too. Its the first time I've gotten to use my Big Shot, as its my birthday present....shouldn't really be using it til Tuesday...so shhhh. ;)

So that's my fifth card in total and I'm glad to say that I love making them so so much. I'm glad because I don't know what everyone would say if I turned round and said I didn't like making them now. 

Not a chance of that, I love it and think I may have found myself another addiction. 


I'll say goodbye for now then. Possibly have another one for you to take a look at in a few days. Going to spend a good part of my birthday day actually making cards.:P

Talk to you all soon. 

Sara xx

A Trip to Northampton :)

Hello Everyone, 

Well it has been a busy and tiring few days for me. In a matter of two days I have managed to travel on four different coaches. :/ Which although very comfortable was very tiring. I'm not all together bothered about the travelling though as the reason for travelling was a brilliant one. On Thursday 18th April 2013, my sister and I went to see Infamous at the Royal and Derngate Theatre in Northampton. I met Derren Brown!!! heh, just a little excited about that. The trip was for Emma, my sister, to begin with...but the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. When I finally got sat down in the auditorium (a row back and on a diagonal from Emma :), we were that desperate to go and see him and be that close to the front), I found myself trying not to wriggle with excitement and grin like a maniac. :P

Here are some photo's of our trip to Northampton and some of the Coach journey. 

The Sign says it all, this is where Emma and I waited in the cold to get Derren's autograph

 I took some random images of the City too. 

Loved this graffiti that I saw as signage for a pub garden, had to have a photo of it. :)

Then there were these three red phone boxes lined up next to one another. Not something you see often in England anymore.


I also got some photo's inside the Royal and Derngate Theatre, like these ones. :)

Sorry about the quality of some of these, they were take on my phone as I didn't take my camera. Emma had her camera, so when it came to get photo's of Derren they would look a lot better. And they sure did, even if I got one that blurred his nose a little...the one below was fantastic. :)

Derren Brown :P

That's Emma in the front corner of the photo, it was really cold and he had a lot of autographs to get through so it was get a photo while you could kind of territory. But I look it, it gets him perfectly and he was asking how to spell my name as he signed that program. :P I love this man so much, it was such a brilliant show and he's so charismatic. :) I'd tell you more about the show, but that would spoil it for those of you who might just want to go and see it. :P

I have a lot more photo's but I don't want to make this post excessively long, so I won't add anymore. Like I said it has been a busy few days, as I had to get up early this morning (after a long day and late evening on Friday) to go out with my Mum, Dad, Emma and my Boyfriend for my Birthday meal. I turn 23 on Tuesday 23rd April. :) Getting old now. lol. It was a lovely meal out and we had lovely weather for the walk into the city centre. I've had a lovely few days with my Emma and today with my family and boyfriend. 

Got to use my birthday present early, so I will put up another post to let you see what I created with it. I made my first card that is going out into the big wide world tonight...and it took me an hour max. If you'd like to see take a peek at the next post up. :) 

Take care, talk to you all soon. 
Bye for now. 

Sara xx

My Sister and I getting ready to go and see Infamous

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bitten by the Bug

Hello Again. :)
This post is very soon after my last one, but as the title says...I have been bitten by the crafting bug. The moment I had done enough revision to say I'd actually made an effort, I just had to try out making another card. For yet another challenge. 

Here it is: 

Another Happy Birthday card, and yet again not suitable for my sister...but I'm sure I'll find someone to give it too. :) I'm also not too happy with the way the frog image sits on the card and if I were to repeat the layout would put the image up on foam pads so it sat better.

This card was made using:
  • DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Make & Create Pearle-scent Card Cream
  • DoCraft Boofle Paper Pack - Cream with purple flowers and Green with cream dots
  • Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment
  • Country Companions, Sunshine Meadows - Frog, Butterfly and ladybugs. 
  • Bling Bling Pearls Craft for Occasions
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange
  • Make & Create Ribbon Pack - White Lacy Ribbon 
  • Unknown Manufacturer - Light Purple Lace

 The extra images all show the different elements of the card. I am planning to enter this card into Oozak.com's Challenge - 
 Anything Goes with Lace, Ribbon, and Pearls.
Hopefully it will do well. 


 Anyway, I will be heading off now. I have a very busy rest of my week ahead of me, so I'll post again when I have a moment. I might even have another card for you when I get back. Maybe (here's hoping I get time). :)

Take care. Bye for now.  
 Sara xx 

Monday, 15 April 2013

My First Card made for a Challenge (Flat Friends)

Gosh I'm so happy! Hello Everyone!

Well here it is, my first homemade/handmade card. I've been waiting to make this for ages and I finally decided today that I was going to bite the bullet and give it a go. Look how pretty it is. (big headed I am not. :P)

 This card was made using:
  •  DoCraft Papermania "5x "7 White Card Blank
  • Make & Create Pearle-scent Card Pink and Yellow
  • Springtime Collection Papers (Papercraft Inspiration Freebie Issue 111)
  • Woodware Craft Collection, Kid's Birthdays - Sentiment
  • Bling Bling Pearls Craft for Occasions
  • ColourPro Collection Colouring Pencils - Brown, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • FlatFriends Digital Stamp - Girl with Cupcake 

 I'm planning on putting this card into the  

I've used one of the springtime collection papers because it had a lovely array of stitch patterns.

 Here's a closer look at some of the details. I know this first card on my own is a bit sketchy but I'm very proud of it and can't wait to improve. :)

Right well there it is. :P Going to keep it out for now and then store it safely away for use at a later date.

Now to take a look at that new set of Christmas stamps I brought. I might just have another one up for you very soon. :)

Bye for now. :)
Sara xx

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Hello Everyone :)

Hope you have all had a good week and weekend. The weeks just seem to keep flying by and I find myself struggling between revision for my exams and finding time to relax a little bit. I have had a little bit of time to indulge in one of my new hobbies. I find that making these cute little creatures is very therapeutic and so far I have a growing collection. :) I gave my boyfriend one for our anniversary, which I will pop a picture up of as well as the ones that I've made so far. 

So I shall stop talking in the abstract and show you some pictures. 
The ALIEN I made for my Boyfriend

Babushka, made 12/4/2013

Mr Fox, made 4/4/2013

Mushroom Girl, made 14/4/2013

Mushroom Girl 2, made 14/4/2013

Back of Mushroom Girl 2

These were all made from a book called 'Felties - How to Make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends'. I have also made a couple of felt owls in various sizes and I might find a photo of those to show at a later date. I really like these little creatures a lot. :) I can be so creative with them too and I'm planning on making variations as gifts and things. People keep saying I should look into selling them. What do you all think? :) 

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll talk to you all again soon. 

Sara xx