Monday, 8 April 2013

Whitby Weekend :)

Hello Everyone! 

Our lovely B&B room
It's been a wonderful weekend hasn't it? Well it has for myself anyway. The weather has been lovely, little cool but sunny and dry and that's what I needed this weekend. My boyfriend and I headed off to Whitby for the weekend, starting Friday morning and back Sunday night. We will be celebrating our first anniversary on Tuesday 9th April (tomorrow). :P Going away was so fantastic. We stayed in a lovely little B&B, in a purple (my favourite colour) with a beautiful feature wall that looked like a bookshelf. We were about a ten minute walk from the centre of Whitby, and got to the sea front in five minutes. Whitby is such a beautiful place. 

Whitby Abbey (Didn't see Dracula. :/)
We went up to the Abbey, up all 198 steps. I'm not usually a walking person but I've walked quite a bit this weekend and its been fantastic. We went to Captain Cook's Museum, the house he lived in while in Whitby and we wandered around the shops for two days. We had fish and chips at Magpie's, a 'famous' restaurant that we managed to miss the line for and head straight in to eat. We also had a lovely meal on Saturday evening and spent both evenings in a pub over the bridge that crosses the river Esk that runs through Whitby.

Whitby Pier
On the Sunday we went to Eden Camp, a WW1 history museum that has been set up in an old POW camp. It near Scarborough and on the way home so it was a perfect place to visit on the way home. I've been about three times now, and I learn a little more every time I go.

It was a lovely weekend, I had so much fun and we got to relax and wander about at will. We wander along the pier too, which I wasn't to comfortable with. It seemed a little rickety to me. :)

My boyfriend and I are planning on spending the actual day of our anniversary just wandering about the city, spending a bit more time together. :P It's so much fun, so relaxing and so...just so good to spend time together. :) Going to have to take a few more weekend trips away I think. Definitely something to look forward too, even if just the planning of it. :) 

So Sweet! :)

Take care all. Talk to you soon. 

Sara xx


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time....

    Am loving your blog!

    1. We really did have a fantastic time.

      Awww, thanks again. :) x