Wednesday, 3 April 2013

eBay Woes.... :)

Good Afternoon!  :)

I'm currently sat, yet again, trying to get my head round a report I have to write up of our groups research into dating strategies during last semester. I've been trying for a few days now and slowly but surely I am getting there, or at least believe I am. While I've been writing up my report, I have intermittently been watching and searching eBay for card making supplies. I have a few bids out there and I'm praying that I actually get those ones as I have already lost a number of items due to last minute bidders. So far I have an assortment of paper/card on the way to me and the second book in the Terry Pratchett series 'The Light Fantastic'. I couldn't resist it was just such a good price. 

My problem is however that I seem to have created a monster! :/ Having only just registered on eBay this week so I could get cheaper card making supplies, I find myself unable to stop checking the site for good bargains. I have already found out that last minute bids are a good idea, or you just end up losing out on the things you really want...but I keep seeing items that have 5days and more on them and really want to bid. And it the fact I have very little funds available to buy anymore crafting materials and you have....'A Monster'! :P

I've told myself I will not add anymore to the bids I currently have up there and so if I am outbid that is that...but it is very disheartening to get emails telling me I've lost out on the items I really wanted. I think its best though, my bank balance agrees with me too. lol. Anyway, best get back to my report writing, just thought I'd blurt out a post for you all (or me. ;)) 

Talk to you all again soon. 

Sara xx


  1. Welcome to the world of cardmaking, no money and always needing more ..... LOL

    Zoe x

  2. Hi Zoe. :) Oh yes, I've already come up against the no money/need more moment. lol.

    Thank you for your comment.
    Sara xx