Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Belated Birthday Card and 'Birthday Bash' Image

Hello Again Everyone. 

Sorry about the quick rushed post earlier. I was focusing on the fact that I should have been revising for my Investigating the Individual exam and getting ready to go into Uni for a meeting, and yet I was still procrastinating by feeling the need to add a post. :/ I am an enigma at times. lol. 

Anyway, I got almost all of the chapter I wanted to revise done and as its getting late here I thought I would stop and give myself a break before I go to bed. I had a great meeting about my dissertation for next year and so I let myself have an hour this afternoon to make my friend a belated birthday card. Her birthday is today, but she won't be receiving the card until after as I have to post it....so I made the decision to make it a belated birthday card.

Here's the card:

This card was made using:

  • Make & Create 5' x7' White Card x 2 (because I had to cut one up when I stuck it all on backwards)
  • Woodware 'Kids Birthday' Stamp set - Happy and Birthday Sentiment
  • Craft Creations Gold Label Peel-Off Stickers - Belated Sentiment
  • The Green Flower was from an old tissue box I had that I like the design and colour of. 
  • The Stamping Chef Facebook Freebie - 'Birthday Bash' - Party image in centre

Okay so there's my card. I haven't added a closer up image of this one as it was in the previous post. I also found time today to write my Thank you notes and now I just need some addresses to send them to. That's going to require a phone call to my Mum, I'm not that organised just yet. :P

Well I hope you like and while I'm here, there's another photo I want you to see. When I printed the Birthday Bash image the first time it didn't print too well, but I decided to colour it in anyway. I think it came out okay but you might be able to see where the black ink is actually yellow or red...and some of it looks 3D effect. Its strange, but I like the colours. My first set of promarkers has some odd colours in  it but now I've used them I think they look amazing. 

The Second Image:

Okay I'm going to say goodnight, I want to get up early to revise some more...how early may change when my alarm goes off and I struggle to get out of bed. But I will endeavor to make it out of bed and get on. I usually don't take too long after the alarm. lol. (I'll stop waffling :P)

Goodnight to everyone in my time zone. Have a good day to everyone else. :)
Bye for now. 
Sara xx

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