Monday, 12 August 2013

August Free Stamp Challenge - 'Cat's out of the Bag'

Hello Everyone, 

I know posts have been none existent on this blog page, but I am a busy bee with preparing for my final year of Uni and just life in general. I will probably just be posting up these 'Delightful Inspiration {from the heart}' challenge cards for a while and maybe some other challenges if I get time. I am in the process of trying to make some Christmas cards, getting an early start on everything here...heh. :)

Anyway, here's my card for the August Free Stamp Challenge, using the 'Cat's out of the Bag' stamp from 'From The Heart Digital Stamps'. I love this image and it was perfect for a thank you card for my boyfriends parents after they had me to stay at their house for a whole month. 

This card was made using: 
  • Make & Create 5'x7' Cream Card
  • Riverbank Revels Designer Paper Pack
  • The sentiment is from Word and filled with medium coloured blue
  • Delightful Inspirations {from the heart} - 'Cat's out of the Bag' Freebie stamp -August
  • Pro Colour Pencils - Yellow, Brown, Pink, and a Pencil

Thank you for reading this short post and sorry its not more interesting. Hope you like the card. I love these digital stamps so so much, their so cute. :)

Talk to you all next month :)
Sara xxx


  1. Hi Sara

    Just popping in to look around :-) and say "hi".
    Loving all that I'm seeing on your blog!

    1. Hi Deb, Thank you for popping it. :) And Thank you. :)