Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer Heat and Busy Times

Hello Everyone, 

Boy has it been hot in the last few weeks. I've been staying with my boyfriend and his family this month as I had to move out of student housing for the month. Its been lots of fun and I've spent a lot of time reading and playing games. Not much time scrapbooking or card making, but I don't mind too much as I still enjoy doing it when I go back to it. 

I've decided to make another card for the Delightful Inspiration Monthly Challenge, using their “Painting Ladybug" image. I love these images so much, and I recommend anyone else who loves them to spend that little bit of money to get the current image and then you can have a free image from Faith every month there after. All you have to do is make a project using the image and then link to the From the Heart Stamps digital stamp shop. It's well worth having a look. 

My card this month is here:

   I made this card using:
   - Make & Create 5' x 7' cream card,          cut in half with a top fold
   - Art Deco Thank you Stamp Set
   - Painting Ladybug from 'From The
      Heart Digital Stamps'
   - Milton and Co. Decoupage Card
      Making kit

I like the tiny notelet like style that this card ended up like. I had printed and coloured the image before I actually started to make the card and my card base was just far to big as a standard 5' x 7' so I decided to chop it down. :) I like the end result. 

Anyway, I'm going to try and make a thank you card for my boyfriend's parents at some point, so I shall try and put that up for you all to see. 

Talk to you all soon. 
Sara xx


  1. Great card!

    It's been hot here too, definitely getting lots of sunshine!

    1. Thank you Jen.
      I like the sun but the heat is doing me in. :)
      Sara xx

  2. Thanks for joining our "Freebie of the Month" Challenge @ Delightful Inspirations {from the heart}.