Monday, 18 March 2013

How Exciting... :P

My First Post! (Gosh I'm so so excited!) :P

Hello Everyone, (or maybe for the moment just myself.)

I am really excited (and very nervous) about starting this blog. I have re-written this post a number of times, and done a whole lot of procrastination from other work to do so. Ooops. :/

Anyway, I decided to start a blog because I want to document the beginnings of a new hobby in my life. I have recently found myself very much interested in the art of Card Making! And I am really, really, really excited about the possibilities that this new interest will give rise too. 

Due to being a student, the idea of setting up for the task of card making has been a little daunting; financially and space wise. I live in a shared house, so I only have the one room as my own. I do have a desk, but it is forever piled high with Uni work and books that should probably have gone back to the library days ago. Lol. I am, however, determined not to let this interest drop and as I am so excited about it my parents have offered to give me a hand setting up. 

My mum has signed me on to a card making lesson and has suggested that they buy me the things I need to start up as my birthday present (that’s over a month away!). I am so excited, I have spent hours online looking at tutorial videos (mainly ‘Prairie Paper and Ink’ on youtube, she’s fantastic and so talented). Oh and I haven’t been able to stop myself from buying a 6x6 boofle paper pad I saw on sale recently. Just today I brought myself a papercraft magazine and spent a good two or three hours looking at the download section on their website (papercraftinspirations). The magazine came with a set of Country Companions stamps, papers and the 33 free downloadable images on the website. J I’m so excited to get started; I’ve already printed one out on plain paper and given colouring it in a go. It’s all very basic as I don’t have the markers I’d like yet (I really want Copics, but I might have to wait a while before I can afford those. :P) I’ll try and get a photo of my mini, mini haul up with this post and also of the image I coloured in. 

So time to start learning exactly how this blogging thing works. Hopefully I’ll catch on quick and be able to keep it up.  Perseverance is all it will take. Anyway, I should probably go and take a look at the Cognition textbook I should be taking notes from…oh the trials and tribulations of being a student. :P  

Talk to you all again soon. 
 Sara xxx

Designed by Angela Poole from Papercraft Inspirations

Country Companion Stamps and Springtime Papers, I got free with my first ever papercraft magazine. :)
Sorry about the state of the photos, I do need to sort out a proper camera and not use my phone next time. :/

Sara xxx


  1. You have done a fantastic job with your blog Sara!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and following it.
    Debbie Reed's Blog
    (Cuddlebug Birthday Card post)

    1. Hi Deb.
      Thank you so much, its lovely to hear that. Still have my moments where I wonder if I'm doing this blog thing right. :)
      You're welcome. Your card was so beautiful.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging, and cardmaking, and drooling over your monitor at how amazing other cardmakers are. Making your own cards is not cheap, we can all attest to that! You will build up a mountain of stuff and will be constantly seeing things you want that other people have used but I promise you this is such a rewarding hobby and you will meet loads of lovely people on the tinterweb.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sara, glad you have been able to play with your birthday present before the big day. Your Mum sounds great :)

    Love Mandy xxx

    1. Hello Mandy, :) Thank you for your welcome. lol I have already found myself drooling over others work. :)
      Thank you, I'm glad I got to play too. She is absolutely fantastic. :P

      Sara xx -hugs-