Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Interesting Find :)

Hello again. :P

So this is my second post and I have to admit I’m probably posting to soon after the first one. I don’t have much to tell you all, I’ve spent most of my day doing Uni work or at least trying to focus on it. I have had time, however, to find a lovely YouTube video that I think is amazing. The video is called Interactive CardMaking Project, and is a succession of videos that give you various choices, all of which lead to a different design of a card. It’s all for the Operation Write Home, a project that sends handmade cards and the like out to soldiers serving in other countries. I think the idea is just fantastic, and I may just make one up myself when I finally get some materials and send it to them to be sent out there. I may make a few. Other than that I just thought it was a good way to get inspiration for a more personal project you may want to make. 

Anyway, I will add a link to the video’s name in this post and hope that some of you will go and take a look. Maybe if she gets enough feedback she will create another one, but as you will see/hear it took a lot of effort and time to create the project. 

I’m going to sign off there, want to spend a little bit of time looking through craft sites. I just can’t wait to get some materials and actually physically start on my new hobby. Card making class on 28th here I come.

Bye for now. Sara xxx

P.S. I've just noticed this is an American project, I will have to have a look and see if they do something similar in the UK. I'm sure they do. :)

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