Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Little Update

Hi There, 

Well I've been a busy bee since the end of the exam period and its only been a few weeks. I keep having moments when I remember I should probably write on here, but I'm not too sure what to write. Tonight I'm watching youtube videos on how to write a journal and found myself feeling a little guilty for not writing here, then I found myself thinking 'well no ones commented in a while so maybe the topics are just boring'... Oh so much thinking going on. I should just stop thinking. :)

I made a couple of fathers day cards, which I can't put up until after the day so thats something to look forward to. I did manage to finish my first mini album, although it has no front or back cover and it not bound...heh. I will get it photographed for you when I remember to charge my camera. 

At the moment I'm getting ready for a number of different things, I have a holiday coming up which I'm very excited about and I'm adding to my volunteering with Young Potential so its all coming at once. I've also spent a little bit of time looking at my Independant study for next year and my Forensic Pyshcology Diploma too. Oh its endless. lol.

I spent Sunday and Monday this week at home with my family. Went to see my Grandad in hospital for the first time since he went in. I'm glad I went as it was good to see him, and I am going to try and go back very soon. It was also good spending time with Mum, Dad and Emma for a couple of days. I spent all of Monday scanning old photos for scrapbooking, and I have to go back at some point to scan the rest of the thousands of boxes that Mum has emalgamated over the years. I love these little trips down memory lane. 

I have a busy day tomorrow, with three appointments, the post office to nip too and I'm going to see if I can find some cheap 'composition' books (if that's even what there called here in the UK). Then I can head up to see my boyfriend, for a lovely evening and some relaxing before we both start early the following day. 

There's something about the summer holidays between the years of my education. I spend most of the latter half of my educational year wishing for the holidays to arrive so I can relax and do nothing...then my holidays are always busier than the rest of my year. Guess I just have so many things I want to try and fit into my life. :) I wouldn't change anything about it. :) 

Thank you for reading this if you've made it this far. Sorry about the moaning and the dullness. :P I'll see you all again soon with something a bit more crafty. 

Bye for now. 
Sara xx


  1. Hi Sara!
    Just popping in to say "hi" :-)
    I enjoyed looking through your blog...love the cards you've been making!

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thank you for your comment. Hello. :)
      Hope you are well.
      Sara xx